H. O. D          Mr. Stanley Kariuki

The Guidance and Counseling department has a clear well set mission and vision and formulated policy guidance lines. The department exists to help students mainly solve own problems that block them from exploiting their full intellectual potential. We have a team of 8 teachers who spearhead counseling programmes in the school. The teachers co-ordinate all counseling activities. The department receives referral cases from the Principal, Deputy Principal’s office and any other teacher. The teachers in the department can initiate one-on-one counseling where a case affecting a student has been identified.

There are over60 Peer Counselors who are specially appointed to help reach out to about 800 students in the school. They play a pivotal role of helping their colleagues open up easily to them. They widely help the department tackle many unresolved issues facing learners.

      The department invites motivational speakers like Joe Mwangi and Dr. Pamela Abuya who are well to uplift the spirits of demotivated students.

     The department organizes outreaches, International partnerships to widen the scope of student’s global and national outlook of issues.

       The department works closely with all departments to enhance learning and achievement of academic goals.

      The members of the department are:

1. Stanley Kariuki-HOD-Head of programs

2. Mrs.Anne Awino-Principal

3. Mrs Alice Omondi-Deputy HOD

4. Mrs.Agness Munyao-The Secretary

5. Mrs.Janerose Were-Family Units Co-ordinator

6. Mr Ogega-Family Units Co-ordinator

7. Mr Cephas Ipara-Partnerships and Co-ordinator of Peer Counselors

8. Madam Linet Nyamweya-Co-ordinator of Adolescence issues



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