• MOTTO: A+B=CD ( Agriculture+ Business studies= Country Development)                
  • MISSION: To churn out students who apart from passing their examination have impact on promotion of agriculture and business development wherever they go.

I would like to thank and highly appreciate members of departmental staff for team work and commitment they have exhibited towards achieving good results.

Lastly, I also wish to thank the administration for unreserved support to the department and laying strong foundation upon which the department has built on.


  Teachers.    1. Ms. Lillian Mutua                             Agriculture

                        2. Mrs. Linet Nyamweya                   Agriculture

                         3. Mr. Peterson Njuguna                 Business Studies

                          4. Mrs. Janerose Were.                    Business Studies

The department is made up of two subjects, viz Agriculture and Business studies. First KCSE examinations in these two subjects were done in 2006. Previously Business studies was taught and examined as two separate subjects i.e Economics and Commerce.

The two subjects have continuously been performed well over the years as can be confirmed from data below.

                 Year                                  Agriculture Mean       B. Studies Mean            School Mean

                 2006                                         5.046                              4.4057                           4.5217

                 2007                                         4.417                              4.910                             4.6788

                 2008                                         4.75                                4.733                             4.6081

                 2009                                         6.143                              4.86                               4.739

                 2010                                         6.929                             4.859                             4.937

                 2011                                         7.277                              5.193                            5.507

                 2012                                          6.591                             5.127                            5.026

                 2013                                          5.923                             4.732                            4.524

From the data above, it’s clear that subjects in the department have contributed significantly to the overall performance of the school since their mean compare well with the school’s mean.  In fact agriculture‘s mean has almost always been above the school mean.

Apart from academics, the impact of the department is amplified by the establishment of a number of agricultural projects in the school. These include dairy project. The project meets school kitchen’s milk need. Indigenous poultry project is in the completion phase. The school farm supplements quite a significant percentage of kitchen vegetable need. The long term objective is to be self- reliant as far as kitchen needs is concerned. The school farm is also used by the teachers as teaching aid.

The good performance is attributed to the strategies employed by the departmental staff. The departmental guiding policies are:

  • Early syllabus completion – this leaves teachers with ample time for strategic revision which is the major cog of the performance wheel. This is achieved by creating extra time outside the official school timetable.
  • Team teaching –this enable the students to benefit from individual teachers’ strength in specific topic areas in their teaching subjects. This demystifies the misplaced notion that some topics can never be understood. It also exposes the students to  variety of methodologies employed by different teachers.
  • Horizontal teaching – this brings out healthy competition among the departmental teachers in terms of rate of completion of syllabus and comparison of students performance handled by different teachers  in common tests. The analysis of the above aspects easily brings out discrepancies in teaching methodologies employed by teachers and corrective measures take.
  • Administration of RATs and CATs – apart from the school timetabled CATs, the department gives RATs frequently and randomly. This keeps students on their academic toes.
  • Assignments – teachers gives assignments that are followed up
  • IT – the department is in the process of developing and employing IT teaching materials.
  • Attitudinal change –department strives to change negative attitude towards agriculture as a subject that only lead to menial jobs. This done by high lighting the role of agriculture in the country development.
  • To realize even better results, the departmental staff has undertaken commitment to tie  loose ends in policies the implementation.



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