Head of department:  George Rabach…..specialties include handball and volleyball.

Other members:

  1. Phylis Waweru……handball and netball
  2. Lilian Mutua……….athletics.
  3. Jared Onkoba……..football boys.
  4. Egnasses Obok……..football girls.
  5. Ogega Nyangore……….athletics.
  6. Samuel Asiba……..volleyball girls.
  7. Jackson Korir……..athletics.


The school offers the following games:

  • Football [boys and girls]
  • Volleyball [boys and girls]
  • Handball  [boys and girls]
  • Athletics.


We have achieved the following as far as competitions are concerned;

  • In handball,the school’s boys’ handball team has been finalist in the Nakuru County games in the years 2014,2015 and 2016.The girls’ team were finalists in the year 2015 and 2016.However, none of the teams have proceeded beyond the county level.This good performance has been attributed to proper and early preparations by the respective coaches and high standards of discipline on the students’ side.
    • In football, volleyball and netball, the school’s teams have managed to reach semi-finals in various years from the year 2012.However, the coaches are positive that with increased effort in training in the coming future the teams could progress even to the county and regional championships. Nevertheless, the school still faces enough challenges as it is forced to use its neighboring primary [Barut] school’s football pitch[to train its teams] only when it is not in use.This has been been a big impediment to quality training and preparation of our teams.
    • Our athletics team has faired equally well in the past, managing to send three students to the county championships in each of the years 2014,2015 and 2016.This is inspite the fact that the sub county championships have been dominated by tens of our students every year since the year 2011.

We, therefore take pride in many of our achievements so far. We also attribute our successes to a very supportive administration led by a a spirited lady principal Mrs. ANNE AWINO.






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